Travel Insurance

Travelling is fun and thrilling and you would not want any form of problems or hassles to encounter during your happiest hours. However, uncertainties are just around the corner and may strike every minute. Travel insurance ensures you are covered from all your travel-related problems and unnecessary incurring of losses and expenses. 

Travel insurance is a plan to assist you in times of uncertainty during your travel domestically and internationally. You are rewarded and compensated for all sorts of trouble you encounter during your travelling. From losing baggage, medical risks and flight disruptions, travel insurance ensures you are compensated for any troubles faced. 

Why should I get Travel Insurance? 

Travel insurance provides coverage for all your travel-related problems. You may face certain issues during travelling and without travel insurance, you are not covered for any loss or damages. You may encounter medical emergencies, flight disruptions and other travel-related problems and with travel insurance, you are covered and protected. You may buy travel insurance which suits you best and enjoy the benefits that come with it.  

Getting travel insurance provides coverage and protection of all sorts and we shall understand what are the benefits and why you should get travel insurance.

  • Provides coverage for medical emergencies
    You may encounter medical emergencies during your travel. Travel insurance ensures you are protected and covered for all the expenses and charges on medical bills. 
  • Provides coverage for loss of baggage
    Depending on the plan of your travel insurance, you will be compensated for the loss of your baggage during your travel. 
  • Coverage for loss of content
    In scenarios where you may lose your documents or passport then the insurance policy covers you for the losses. 
  • Coverage for flight delays or cancellation
    In cases where your flight may get cancelled or delayed for whatever reasons, your travel insurance compensates you the requisite amount per the policy of your insurance you have bought. 

Types of Travel Insurance Plans 

You can choose from an array of Travel Insurance plans :

  • Domestic Travel Insurance 
    If you usually travel domestically and within the country then this travel insurance may be the most suitable for you. From providing coverage for your medical emergencies, loss of baggage and any other emergencies, Domestic Travel insurance also covers for uncertain death and permanent disability during the travel.
  • Overseas Travel Insurance
    For travel overseas and abroad, this travel insurance provides coverage for all possible events such as loss of baggage, flight delays, hijack risks and loss of valuable content. 
  • Student travel insurance
    For students aspiring to travel abroad for educational purposes, this travel insurance assists in providing coverage for all the possible events and uncertainties that can take place. Loss of baggage, medical emergencies, loss of documents etc. are covered in this insurance.
  • Medical travel insurance
    This insurance is generally short-term insurance where individuals who wish to travel overseas for medical purposes are provided coverage for events such as evacuation from the country and other flight-related disruptions like delays.
  • Family Travel Insurance
    When travelling with your entire family, Travel insurance provides coverage for your entire family and events of uncertainties such as loss of baggage, medical emergencies and flight disruptions are covered. 
  • Group travel insurance
    A group of individuals who wish to travel together even though not related by blood can avail of this insurance and enjoy the several benefits that come with the insurance.

What’s Covered in Travel Insurance? 

Travel insurance provides coverage for the following :

  • Loss of baggage 
    Travel insurance provides coverage for loss of baggage during your travel. There are different types of Travel insurance and each travel insurance has different policies for loss of baggage depending on that you are compensated accordingly. 
  • Loss of content or documents
    In cases where you have lost your valuable documents or passport, Travel Insurance provides coverage for the lost items.
  • Medical emergencies
    Travel insurance provides coverage for uncertain events of medical emergencies or even death by assisting you with all the charges involved and expenses incurred during the event.

Eligibility & Documents for Travel Insurance 

Uncertainties can strike every minute and you may run into problems anytime. If you have extensive coverage, then you don’t have to worry much as the insurance staff will handle all aspects of the claim settlement. However, you must include some crucial supporting documentation for your assertion. 

Depending on the problem encountered and the insurance company’s policies, the precise kind of supporting documentation needed for claim settlement will vary. The documents that you might want in the event of a travel insurance claim are listed below.

  • Policy documents 
  • Identification
  • Cancellation
  • Airport correspondence
  • Loss of passport
  • Hospital bills
  • Hospital Discharge card

Travel Insurance Premium

An individual must pay a premium before purchasing a travel insurance policy. It is one of the most important things to consider when choosing travel insurance. It will calculate the premium amount after you enter the basic information, including the traveller’s age, destination, scope of coverage, etc. This will allow you to make an informed choice. 

The cost of a travel insurance premium may vary depending on several variables, including the traveller’s age, the destination, the length of the trip and also the insurance company.